The Problem With Political Correctness

Monday, December 14, 2009

While the problems with political correctness are manifold, among the most egregious is that attempting to remain PC can sometimes prevent one from accomplishing a vital task. Such as a meeting with the president to receive a bollocking.

So Macro Man had to laugh at the sweet, sweet irony that Lloyd Blankfein, John Mack, and a Vikram Pandit impersonator have missed a bankers' meeting because they flew commercial rather than in the private jets that we know they all normally use (and that the auto execs got roasted for using earlier in the year.)

USeless Airways really does what it says on the tin. The Administration's considered response was offered by chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel, below.

Posted by Macro Man at 4:48 PM  


You cannot blame them. Government is the biggest player and the referee in the game now.

With FOMC meeting in two days, it seems to be a little bit quiet right now, isn't it?

zjin said...
5:10 PM  

Big government's rescue of airlines was as successful as it's earlier rescues of Chrysler, GM, US Steel, the textile industry, the entire British auto industry (and remains of its steel industry). British trains run slightly better than Amtrak in the US (slightly)

And its hard to imagine how big government's outcome will be any different with banks.

Bob said...
6:58 PM  

now they should be blamed for not taking Amtrak-

Anonymous said...
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