Merry Christmas

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all readers around the globe. Here's hoping Santa brought you what you wished for (cough, healthy knee and an easier market in 2010, cough). Happy holidays!

Posted by Macro Man at 9:50 AM  


Thanks for the interesting read over the past year, all the best for 2010 and Merry Christmas to all.

Anonymous said...
11:18 AM  

if 2009 was tough for you, you may want to find a new occupation

Anonymous said...
3:37 PM  

Nice to see a headhunter hard at work, pimping for business on Christmas Day!

Macro Man said...
4:43 PM  

Thanks for a great year of reading interesting and spot-on analysis MM! I have truly enjoyed making this site a daily read (even with the whining and sniping of some of your commentors!


Anonymous said...
6:52 PM  

Merry Xtmas to you too Macro Man. I bet next year you'll be hitting the snow in the Alps to celebrate a record year.

Best trading,


Jorge said...
8:02 PM  

Merry Xmas Macro Man. Will be back on le bbg come Feb but am hanging around in Latam for a little while yet. Will send you some photos from Florianopolis at NYE (not incriminating of course).

Nemo Incognito said...
2:30 AM  

Yea verily MM, I'm hiding out down in Tucson and nursing a nasty hangover. Good god I don't think I can survive many more holidays.

Cheers all

Professional Gringo said...
12:30 AM  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year MM

Gary said...
1:52 PM  

Merry Christmas, MM. No doubt you have been asting an eye over the fun and games in the bond markets.... wasn't Voldemort supposed to be buying up the short end of the curve - according to the media? Not very smart, if true...

leftback said...
8:36 PM  

Merry Christmas to you to. I think I can speak for us all when we hope for an easier market in 2010.

4:47 AM  

Hi MM,

Enjoy the hols. Here's a good blog I found:

Anonymous said...
4:43 PM  

The financial media are hilarious. They are trying to scare everyone into stocks before the end of the year while there is no volume. There is also a lot of stuff out there about how "so-called carry trades" don't exist at the moment... well, no, not when the CARRY TRADERS are all sitting at home on holiday....

When you get back, can you explain to us the rationale behind the infamous "widow maker", [the Long EUR:Short SPX trade several people have touted here]. I presume this would involve a breakdown of the strong EUR:JPY/SPX correlation?

On another note, would a popping of either the Aussie or Canadian housing bubbles signal an unhappy end to Mrs Watanabe's adventures in FX, and unwind some of the JPY and USD carry?

leftback said...
9:56 PM  


Came across this on my travels, thought you might be interested (stick it on the fridge or something, I dunno).

All the best for 2010

Anonymous said...
1:42 AM  

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