Thursday, February 07, 2008

Top 10 most difficult things to do when you feel like Death

1) Write an intelligent blog post

2) Think of nine other entries for a list like this



Anonymous said...

cheer up mate!

ALWAYS look at the bright side of life

Anonymous said...

feel better!


pupkinus said...

Cheer up! You bring lots of pleasant moments to your readers and I guess we all wish you to feel better!

Cheer up and thanks for the best trading blog ever!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Sit back and watch the carnage. Feel better!

richy rich said...

Serves you right for larging it up with your mates at the car bling club, staggering home, waking the wife and kids while crashing through the fridge contents, leaving a trail of destruction up the stairs on the way to the bedroom after waking an hour later on sofa, falling back down the stairs to the same sofa after rejection from the marital bed, only to be finally wake at 5.30 am with a with a throat referbed with emery paper and a head that feels 15psi over inflated. .. And no - I don't believe it's some Gordon Brown sponsored virus specifically designed at Porton Down solely to target residence seekers...

CV said...

Live to fight another day MM; cheer up mate. I am sure you will bounce back with a venegance.


Anonymous said...

I understand your situation.

tough times never last but tough ppl do.

Anonymous said...

this must be one of more uglier days ive seen in a while...