Friday, November 11, 2011

Take a little, give a little

It is Veterans' Day in the US and Armistice day in Europe and rightly we should sit back and reflect on the suffering of others and the more important things in life. So TMM feel it is an appropriate day to launch their Christmas (only 6 weeks away) Charity Appeal.

Last year we were collecting for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, but this year our choice was swayed by personal family experience and so we are hoping to raise money to fight Ovarian Cancer, a disease whose subtle early symptoms make it hard to detect.

OK, here is the hard sell. Team Macro Man have continued to shun commercialism and advertising and write when they can squeeze it into their spare time. But once a year we will be asking for a little back. Not for us, we do have day jobs that keep us going, but for a charity. For us it adds more of a purpose to what we do and for you? Well that's up to you. But as we said last year, if you have either saved or made a little money thanks to something we have written (no we don't do refunds) or even if we have just raised a smile, then perhaps you could help "Target Ovarian Cancer" help others.

Special Feature! - This appeal is perfectly tailored to those of you looking for the end of fiat money. What better way to get rid of your useless bits of paper than to give them to a charity that can use them to alleviate and prevent the suffering of others?

Oh and finally. If you are reading this on a syndicated site then good for this site! We will continue to support you as you have of us in posting this request.

With deepest thanks to you for your continued support,

Polemic, cpmppi and Nemo (Team Macro Man)


Polemic said...

We really must add how extraordinary it was to find that when we were switching the charity link last night to find that yesterday saw 2 donations added to the GOSH appeal from last year. Timing Huh. So we would like to thank David Askeroff and Marco Meola for their very kind support and commiserate that they weren't the first contributions to this year's appeal. But it all goes to very good causes.. Thank you again guys.

Polemic said...

Your responses to this appeal have left us


"Gobsmacked combines the northern English and Scottish slang term gob, mouth, with the verb smack. It suggests the speaker is utterly astonished or astounded. It’s much stronger than just being surprised; it’s used for something that leaves you speechless, or otherwise stops you dead in your tracks. It suggests that something is as surprising as being suddenly hit in the face."

Polemic said...

Add "readership generosity" to the list of markets we can't read. Target hit within one working day. How bloody great are you lot?! So. Doesn't mean that everyone else is off the hook..! Still haven't seen one of the usual sites that use our stuff repost the appeal yet.. cancellations ready to be sent.. So, do we raise the target, investment bank retrospective forecast like, cheating a bit, or just hope it blows to a % achieved similar to Zimbabwean inflation at its peak?