Bingo Calls

We have felt like involuntary bungee jumpers over the last week, praying for the cord to tighten before we hit the concrete. This week sees old themes get rehashed but with Thanksgiving coming it's most likely to be a short term lottery, indeed many of the numbers before us might as well have been drawn from a basket. However as alternatives to the traditional Bingo calls, TMM would like to suggest more pertinent alternatives

Korean 1
"Bob bit" Diamond 2
Trap 3
What did I buy that 4
Minute Macro 5
In by 6
Series 7
In late, something I 8
Lives already used 9
TYA 10
Swap legs 11
Lunchtime 12
On your Demarks 13
How much of my 300 have you done? 14
Headhunter on line 15
Clauses unseen  16
Years without a rise 17
Age I should've got a proper job 18
System password changes a day 19
Two and 20
FSA registered 21
In a Desmond 22
Euro slaves 23
Stop run pre Singapore    24
Unchanged BoE 25
Line's out you pricks 26
No honest, that's where I got 'em 27
French boss "zorry ah am a liddle bit late" 28
Pierre's weekly work hours 29
None Farms one 30
All gone quiet again one 31
Take your jacket and go to room 32
Percent let go. 33
Fire Drill, walk down from floor 34
When you hoped to retire 35
I used to be a 32inch but now I'm a 36
Salt and pepper chilli squid 37
Fibonacci mumble 38
God I hate this Job 39
Winks in the sick room. 40
First heart attack 41
Disabled Loo 42
Libor fixings 43
Shown the door 44
Conference call stupid questions 45
King Canutes 46
Minutes before my pricing system crashes 47
Minutes to run my curve on this pricing system 48
Toes you've troden on 49
fired the day before50
Interviews and still didn’t get in 51
Weeks of pain 52
PMI better than 53
No swearing, client on the floor 54
Minutes late, tube strike. 55
I don’t believe it 56
Varieties of excuse for no bonus 57
Wrong value date 58
Blocked websites I actually need for work 59
Eur/Usd spread in a ton full? Like hell it is 60
Can I improve? 61
Cancelled Christmas doo 62
Decent claret 63
Regulator at the door 64
Dave get me a coffee, number 65
Vampire squid six 66
Hours my boss thinks there are in my day 67
Drink up or we'll be late 68
New intern, form a line 69
Voldermort on the bid at 70
Okay work mine at 71
BoJ goes De La Rue 72
Forms to fill for KYC 73
Filled on your 80 stop at 74
Himalayan Pink Salt Margin 75
Times shafted on expiry 76
Money market dealer's age 77
Emails to amend a trade 78
Meeting rooms named "bretton woods" 79
Broken support at 80
Older than a Sinclair ZX 81
Sales IQ 82
Base of oil 83
IB chats open 84
Legs in this structure. 85
Minutes to log-on in the mornings 86
Feels like 87
Client account 888 88
Wasted Euro-summits 89
When you'll retire 90
Days down last quarter 91
Pound to poo   92
Not as good as the '92 93
Bonds out the door 94
Statistically significant chance of redundancy 95
Degrees as aircon's bust again 96
Compliance officers per trader 97
Russian fate 98
Percent you belong to but wished you didn’t 99
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November 19, 2012 at 1:36 PM ×

C Says'

November 19, 2012 at 3:02 PM ×

Bend over, Shorty. 140 !

November 19, 2012 at 7:40 PM ×

C Says'
Wouldn't get too carried away.I get the distinct impression that prior to any US fiscal resolution we just have traders playing with other traders which isn't very meaningful beyond the few days that each manages to get some momentum going at the cost to the otherside.Each side will be loking at thanksgiving and neither will wish to be the turkey on that day.

November 19, 2012 at 9:00 PM ×

Usually the Friday is a mickey mouse low volume day for tiny punters to buy the latest momo stock, and then they sell it on the Monday...

This year the negotiations on the Hill may have an influence, so we may have to pay attention.

November 20, 2012 at 1:23 PM ×

Haircut for HPQ this morning. Leo Apotheker, the gift that keeps on giving... a chimpanzee eating bananas all day would have made a better CEO than either Fiorina or Apotheker. What a train wreck.

abee crombie
November 20, 2012 at 1:41 PM ×

what a disaster 'value' stock HPQ has been. No wonder Buffet stays away from tech. Aside from the CEO, the board should be fired as well. Im sure some activist investor will start nibbiling soon. Apparently they still have a decent sized service segment that is doing ok

November 20, 2012 at 4:55 PM ×

That is not quite correct. Buffet holds a close to 6% stake in IBM (if you consider Big Blue still as tech).

November 20, 2012 at 9:12 PM ×

Any Kevlar love for HPQ? LB doesn't fancy this one, wouldn't touch it with your gloves....

Rates higher, perhaps on The Bernank's failure today to overtly pledge an extension of Operation Twist and the buying of long-dated Treasuries. QE3 currently slated to be directed towards purchases of MBS.

November 21, 2012 at 11:04 AM ×

C Says'
I think we're overdue for an indepth take on Japan,options etc etc.
They look to be on the verge of supplanting Europe as the basketcase de jour.

I have my own favourite of course which would be a devaluation of the yen. If there is any other solution for them that might work I don't see it.
Pressures going to keep building here right up to that Jackson Five moment (can you feel it ,can you feel it).

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