Tuesday, September 11, 2012

EE Branding Takes the Biscuit

TMM were not too shocked to see Burberry sales forecasts plummet and suggest they get a new PR agency. However we strongly suggest they don't use the lot that the Orange T-Mobile merger group "Everything Everywhere" has just employed to dream up their new "EE" branding logo ("dream up" being the best term). Was this deliberate targetting of the clubbing fraternity or were they just on drugs when they thought this up?


Anonymous said...

Ol' dirty bastard says

Dunno what they took before they cooked up that logo. But I know I want to sell it on the street in wholesale amounts.

Mr. Prop said...

How do you know when to fade the brain dead momentum trade that relies on the heuristic rule of thumb that more QE means higher gold, higher stocks (a strange one) and a lower dollar? I "get it" when it comes to not buying into the idea that only has 2 data points, but only guys like Mr Prop seem bold enough to recommend it!