Draghi joins Bernanke on the QE wheel.

Friday, August 31, 2012

What happens when Draghi joins Bernanke on the QE wheel.


Posted by Polemic at 10:05 AM  


How about BRICS CBs? They can't find a way up to the wheel?

Anonymous said...
3:13 PM  

This whole central planning affair reminds me more of 2 girls 1 cup.

Anonymous said...
3:20 PM  

"Look Ben, it's my turn on the wheel. Now f*** off and eat some of those sunflower seeds"

Dr Aghi said...
7:01 PM  

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7:15 AM  

I thought PBoC might join the wheel at one point, but luckily I listened to the sage advice of a veteran China watcher and macro maven and stayed away from all things emerging (in fact I am short). As always, the answer is really right there in the data, as even the Chinese can't doctor all of the statistics:

" Steel Demand and Iron Ore Cliff Diving

Hmm.. who'd a thought that (Long Spain/Short China) would turn out to be not just a viable trade for a month or two this year but a real winner?

Leftback said...
4:32 PM  

Lb, good for you. FT. Alphaville has many posts on short China, Aud trade recently.

Dividend paying stocks doing well. Pension funds must be hurting in zirp enviorn.

Anonymous said...
5:51 PM  

Spain restructuring it's debt bad for EWP?

Anonymous said...
6:05 PM  

Divergence in FXI and AUDJPY.

Anonymous said...
3:21 PM  

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