Holiday Poem - Debt Dealers

Frantic room of ribald chatter
Don't slip behind, keep up ahead.
Use pilot reflex, jockey balance
As prices flash or you'll be dead.

Strangled as the sucker young
Drag up the old trunk's flanks
Steal the light as ivy grows
Stifle off the "old world" banks.

Mighty trees rise high in forests
Compete for light in canopy.
Favours those who fight the hardest
Through their ingenuity.

We are smart but they're connected
Loyal to themselves they be
Gladiators all where teams blur
One for all and all for me!

IQs torn from worthy pursuits
Trained to claw the smallest gain
In a way that should be simple
Lost in its own complex game.

Creating worth that's all fictitious
Measured not on human scale
Electrons storing information
Systems built, yet set to fail.

And when they do the whole World wails
Blame to those that gave it thee
"Not my fault I squandered freely"
No responsibility!

Same with nations scattered South,
Greece and Spain and Italy,
"We just borrowed what they gave us
T'was Germany, not me, you see"

Drug dealer guile, the lending men.
But if the fix is stopped by Merkel
Should dealer give or addict turkey?
Break the evil debt drug's circle.

All are guilty, State and system.
Yes you and me and he and she.
Sucked in to party, now we're paying
Heads sore with past insanity
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August 27, 2012 at 6:37 PM ×

Things MM readers already knew but haven't seen displayed in a cool graph yet:

US-Europe Correlation Peaking?

Congrats bro Leftback you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...