Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He must be a ringer

There was an interview on the BBC on Monday that has shocked not only those it intended to, but those it probably didn't too.A young man purporting to be a "trader" appeared on BBC news being asked his opinion of the current crisis. The interview can be seen here:

Now whilst TMM are fully supportive of anyone explaining to the BBC how the real world works outside UK politics and social issues, the content and style of this young man's outburst were so stunningly dreadful that TMM have been forced to consider things are not as they seem. Having dug a little deeper we found this trader to be fairly opinionated on his abilities judging by the content and title of his web site.

But TMM are completely baffled as to how he ended up on the BBC, and after much head scratching and worry are considering the following:

1) Said trader had escaped from a lunatic asylum and was holding the producers family for ransom his demands being that he lets the world know how mad he is.

2) He is Sacha Baron Cohen's next character to be launched.

3) The BBC really is so completely clueless about any subject that has numbers involved in it, that they actually thought he was an "expert".

4) And this is the one TMM are most convinced of...

This man must have been a stooge, set up by Ed Balls to appear just when he was trying to launch a new round of "really it wasn't our fault last time but if it was we've seen the light, spend our way to more votes" policy to highlight just how satanic and parasitic anyone involved in finance is.

Whilst the BBC presenters were of course shocked that someone could be so heinously evil as to wish depression on people, their highlighting of the fact rubbed in it nicely. The clincher was the line that governments didn't rule the world, Goldman Sachs did. Now whilst a few may suspect as much, you certainly don't go blurting it out on TV unless you are about to go on about the Illuminati, UFOs, crop circles and astrology. But then that would just confuse the BBC too much as they struggle with where to separate truth from fiction or more importantly, emotion.

Whether this man is for real or not, whether or not the interview was a spoof (nope, its not April 1st) just let it be shouted from the roof tops - TMM and everyone they know in the field of finance think him a disgrace and only wish he was "trader" enough to own a Bloomberg Account (which he doesn't) where we and our like could message him to tell him such.

Of course, as TMM know all too well... Great traders trade. Bad ones run courses.


maximm said...

I might sign up for one of his "courses" to congratulate/berate him on his BBC appearance.

Comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

similar rant to the American professor on BBC World service at 6:40am Hong Kong time this morning, but went a little further, along the lines of "Germany about to achieve what it failed to do so in 1945" - if anybody has a link?

VandalsStoleMyHandle said...

Reminds me of this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atfNL0_KAcs - BBC mistakes taxi driver for IT expert

Nic said...

I am told by someone who paid that course will cost you GBP 6K Maximm, and you learn how to use fibonacci and MacD

Leftback said...

This is a MUMDAD market.

Melt Up, Melt Down, Attention Deficit.

ntwsc said...

Oh dear he mentioned Guy Cohen


It really took a huge effort to read that


and that.

So that was another loada crap the BBC considered licence-fee-worthy.

Wonder who pulled his site.

Leftback said...

In the US the only stocks that are up today are all the things that were being shorted. Banks, energy, oils, miners, materials, industrials. Utilities, telecoms and REITs are doing jack b/c no squeeze.

The price of crude is telling us that the economy is now 7% stronger than it was last Thursday, which is as hard to believe as Greece repaying its debts.

Rinse and repeat? This trading range market reminds me of those early Star Trek episodes where they all ran from one side of the bridge to the other and back when the Klingons attacked. They could decloak again at any moment...

Nic said...

Is Alessio Rastani actually one of The Yes Men? [Update: They say he's not]

Anonymous said...

Lunatic, fake, staged? I highly doubt it.

First, nothing he said he came across as being weird. It's not like he was talking about UFOs and aliens. He basically accused Goldman Sachs of engaging in conspiratorial acts. What's so odd about that? Every society has its "deep state", where a small group of people have outsized influence over public policy and the US is no different. I am not sure how it is in Europe, but you guys realize that in the US media, important issues like immigration, affirmative action, public policy towards Wall St, etc cannot be discussed because it's not politically correct?

Secondly, judging from number of people that are getting worked up over this tells me that not only his assertion was correct but he also managed to hit the nerve center of the beast. People are mad because he made negative comments about Goldman Sachs on a mainstream news outlet. Big efff'ing deal. Get over it!

What most likely happened here was that someone from the censorship office of the BBC was not on the top of his game that day and let this one get through.

The Original said...

Anon, the profundity of your ignorance is breathtaking. People are upset not because of his cartoonish characterization of the 'Squid- which was simply a glib simplification uttered by an ignoramus.

Rather, they are upset because the sentiment that he conveyed is morally repellant, viz. he goes to bed dreaming of recession (in other words, he wishes misery upon society so that he personally can profit.)

While there is certainly nothing wrong with being prepared for a worst case outcome, nor indeed with being positioned short the market, to be emotionally as financially invested in others' misery is unpleasant indeed. Believe it or not, it is in fact possible to be both short the market and not to root for an economic calamity.

That this cretin passes himself off as representative of the financial industry as a whole and the individuals who populate it perpetrates the populist view that the industry is actively evil and, in doing so, actively insults those of us who are perfectly decent human beings.

That the bloke is a complete nobody is merely icing on the cake.

I don't know that anyone gives a rat's arse about the Goldman comments.

Polemic said...

Dear Mr Orig,

Thank you for so totally nailing, riveting, bolting and welding that one for us. Airtight to 1000 atmospheres.

your s Pol ..

B99108 said...
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B99108 said...

My response to the Rastani outburst.