Thursday, April 07, 2011

Twenty Five Questions

TMM are immersed in research, so they thought given it is once again ECB day that a round of Twenty Five Questions was in order:

  1. Does the Dollar Index trade 70 or 80 first?
  2. When will they finally board up DFS (Dreadful F'in Sofas)?
  3. If you were able to rescue only one Central Banker from a plane crash of central bankers, which one would it be?
  4. Do you care that Portugal has asked for aid?
  5. If Spain is the Fukishima of European Debt, how high are its sea walls?
  6. Will Trichet do "a Gaddafi" with respect to the periphery rebels?
  7. Which day will see the first coaches of periphery protesters arrive in Brussels or Frankfurt?
  8. What will be the date of the first Fed rate rise?
  9. If TMM can't afford to fill their cars up with fuel, how come the roads are still so busy?
  10. When will it be cheaper to fill your tank by distilling your own ethanol from 12 yr old malt rather than fill it with petrol?
  11. What will be the next investment fad in China after Penny Blacks? Presumably, if they mix Lafite with coke, then TMM guess they will use the stamps for mailing things to friends they want to impress.
  12. Is the BBC capable of phrasing any news item without blaming Government cuts (today they tried it again re: record levels of diagnosed depression in the UK)?
  13. Complete the following penned by Mr Obama "Dear Mr Gadaffi, thank you for your kind letter of the 6th inst..."
  14. If you are a US federal employee, what will you be doing tomorrow?
  15. Isn't "No More Nails" great?
  16. Isn't Australia Great!
  17. Find x where DDDF+GGUF+TDI+DPI = $/x-Yen [candidates may refer to the TMM glossary].
  18. Was the number of references to Vigilance in today's ECB statement a surprise to you?
  19. Does the FX market need greater regulation?
  20. Does the Equity market need less regulation?
  21. Which will be worth more next year, a Beijing Apartment , or the copper plumbing in a Beijing Apartment?
  22. Why don't they fit solar panels in the dashboards of cars to keep the battery topped up?
  23. With all the CB issuance and word of Chinese banks either coming to market or issuing more equity, how much more can HK and China equities run?
  24. If China's done with fuel prices rises why does Sinopec still trade like someone who couldn't make a spread on cracking carbon chains?
  25. Is today "the turn day"?


chris.thompson said...

OK here goes, my stab at the first half:
1. 70
2. If only
3. Carney?
4. They don't, why should I?
5. High enough
6. Not sure
7. Not sure
8. xx/xx/2012
9. Credit!
10. When Scottish devolution is complete
11. Antiques, musical instruments, paintings, orchids...
12. Of course not
13. "I should of course be delighted to attend your daughter's wedding"
14. Checking the unemployment insurance is up to date


Anonymous said...

3. Glenn Stevens

scrilla_gorilla said...

1. 70
2. Not in UK, so no f'in clue
3. Odo Tevi, RBV
4. I cared 12 months ago before it was certain that they'd have to
5. 60 ft high, but they are also imaginary
6. Not a snazzy enough dresser to pull a Gaddafi
7. D(issolution)-day
8. Wait, what? They can RAISE rates too?
9. Maybe you're poor
10. Do you have to pay the taxes on the scotch?
11. Trolls or Beanie Babies
12. No
13. "6th instrumental movement"
14. Same shit I am doing today... nothing.
15. No
16. Yes
17. 2π
18. Vigilance is constant
19. No
20. In the U.S., "What regulation?"
21. The Beanie Babies in a Beijing apartment
22. Good question...
23. Forever
24. No clue
25. I sure hope so cause I'm massively short!

Anonymous said...

3. The only Central banker(s) worth saving is one from the reserve bank of new zealand rest are illiterates and just plain nuts hmm except the Aussies maybe.

25. Who cares, directional trading is so 1982

Anonymous said...

3. The only Central banker(s) worth saving is one from the reserve bank of new zealand rest are illiterates and just plain nuts hmm except the Aussies maybe.

25. Who cares, directional trading is so 1982

Nic said...

1.80 before 70 USDX
3. Muscles for sure - he is SO sexy.
4. Yes,Let them go bankrupt and leave.
5. Not high enough
8. Q4 2011
9. Credit cards
10. US crude tops out at 120 ish
11.Coco bonds (joke)
12. No
14. Staying home
15. ROFL
16. ROFL
17. #$%_(*&^%!>*
18. Were a couple of months away from Vigilence, "monitor closely" was todays key words
19. Retail FX does
20. the machines run the market now
21. The apartment
22. Very good question
23. Top out this summer
24. ROFL
25. Almost

FX said...


3.Nice joke, who was on the bid in the 60's 70's now on the offer above parity.


7.Return of the Darthweber.

16.Lovely if you can dodge the smarties.


25.Doubt it.

Leftback said...

1. 80
3. You must be kidding.
4. Euro withdrawal = cheap 20 year tawny.
8. 2013 (oooh, controversial)
9. Denial and debt.
11. Tulips
13. "Michelle did enjoy your fashion tips."
14. Wasting taxpayer money as usual.
16. Shit, yeah...
17. x = Dong.
21. Both will plumb new depths.
25. It might be, but we won't know until next week at the very earliest. More likely it is a detour.

Dubai daily said...

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Time out Dubai said...

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Anonymous said...


David said...

3. Stanley Fisher