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Friday, October 15, 2010

As Macro Man referred to his progeny as his Macro boys, so Team Macro Man also have their own pack of brats. Who we will now on refer to as the Macro Minors. We were rather impressed when one of said Macro Minors, with perfectly topical timing (and also possibly an eye on the Frieze Art Fair), created this (click to enlarge):

Posted by Polemic at 11:47 AM  


some gold stocks are up, but most majors still struggling to break out.. checkout GDX...

i think we need to test the 1220 S&P highs before everyone is on board for a another flash crash dumpage

abee crombie said...
12:30 PM  

Wow that really is impressive!

Nic said...
1:05 PM  

I like the macro art. Do we have a title for this work?

I think the only "art words" that I can read there are "I don't have a clue". So apropos

Marshall said...
1:33 PM  

Thanks Nic and Marshall, the macro-minor girl is hugely flattered but teenager-shy at your responses to her first public showing. Re the title, she thinks that you will all come up with better ideas than she could. So we are open to suggestions...

Polemic said...
3:08 PM  

stunningly great depiction.. simply perfect..

karen said...
3:44 PM  

It's that good. I vote for "I Don't Have A Clue" as well

RJ said...
3:55 PM  

Ahhh...a macro-teen. I twas once one of those too.

In that case how about using Soundgarden's "Blow up the Outside World" as the title? Am I dating myself?

BTW, thanks for the macro insights. I liked your bond/QE thesis and took a starter position in short ZB three days ago. Suffice it to say I have not been disappointed. Cheers from Scotland!

Marshall said...
9:35 PM  

this is fantastic! captures the hopeless melancholy of BB perfectly as if the words have taken their toll.. seriously gallery worthy. Also you must be proud to have offspring who understand QE!

I would call it a picture worth its weight in gold, unlike the US dollar.

scrilla said...
2:53 AM  

Some serious talent amongst the micro minors! But agree that 'I am really confused and not sure at all' should be there somewhere :)

housing_mess said...
5:19 AM  

Nice work MM junior, now how good can you draw chopper blades?

FX said...
2:58 AM  

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