The Well Runs Dry

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sometimes, the well just runs dry and you can't muster anything interesting to say. Today, alas, is one of those days for Macro Man. (Some observers might suggest that he suffers from this affliction on a daily basis.)

Oh sure, there's stuff going on: Aristophanes has given way to Sophocles once again, as the prospect of IMF involvement in Greece hovers like the Eumenides over Europe. Important, but somehow uninspiring at the same time.

The UK, meanwhile, yesterday saw the release of data suggesting the sharpest drop in unemployment since John Major occupied Downing Street.

That's unalloyed good news, right? Well, perhaps not, given that it may simply be the latest manifestation of Soviet Britain. In any case, the rally in short sterling since the release of the data is evidence enough that this is a market best watched from afar, rather than in the trenches.

In lieu of anything else worth saying, Macro Man invites readers to take a trip down memory lane (courtesy of links provided by TW), back to the days when men were men, ciggies were smoked in the dealing room, and 35 cable was a big trade....

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brings a tear to my eye,sitting there for 12 hours a day half of then pissed screaming yours ,mine missed it...

life seemed so simple back then ...

view from 51 said...
11:16 AM  


now if you can find the one of PTJ back in the 80's punting futures whilst drinking a beer at home that'd be impressive

Rossco said...
12:27 PM  

@ Rossco

sonic said...
1:24 PM  
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Nemo Incognito said...
1:42 PM  

Thanks for those little nuggets of history MM.


I-Man said...
8:37 PM  

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