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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Macro Man is taking a short trip from this...... this
As always, punters should feel free to use this space as a forum to exchange market views, concerns, et al. While Macro Man's winter ski trips don't have the explosive predictive power of his summer holidays , given the potential newsflow over the next few days there should be plenty to discuss. He'll be keeping an eye on things from (literally) on high.

Bonne chance to all.

Macro Man returns February 16.

Posted by Macro Man at 3:36 PM  


Bad bank coming Monday - so its going to be rally central here!!

Anonymous said...
12:13 AM  

MM (hopefully it's not too late for you to comment on this, altho I realize you may be on the slopes by now), I was wondering if you could help out a neophyte here for a moment. I would like to play an angle but I can't find a vehicle. The angle I want to play is short the yen, long the Canadian dollar (based on the thought the yen is an overbought safety related play and ready to roll over - probably with a push from the gov't - and that the commodities based economies are oversold). I'm not a sophisticate so I don't really want to play in the FOREX futures market but would like an ETF/ETN type vehicle. Unfortunately I can't find a C$/Yen ETF/N cross to play (I did find a Pound/USD and a Yen/US$ ETN cross but no C$ or A$ cross against the yen. Have you (or any of your readers) come across a product I could use to play this?

Many thanks,

P.S. I'm already short the Yen (via the ETF YCS - double short yen), but if the dollar (another risk trade related currency) falls as well as the Yen, I basically net zip! Hence, I'm looking for a better play on the short Yen concept.

Anonymous said...
7:55 PM  

What's wrong with buying straight cad.jpy? You can lever all you want, carry is basically 0 at this point, unless your broker sucks.

Anonymous said...
8:30 PM  

Have a good one MM ... watch out on the slopes for the crazy snowboarders.


CV said...
8:49 PM  

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ptenjoy said...
3:11 AM  

MM....I'm jealous. End

Anonymous said...
8:47 AM  

Have a top trip MM, I'm jealous too.

Hey, Claus, when I'm on the slopes, I'm one of the crazy boarders trying but failing, to get some serious air, just like the kids :-)

Damcanu said...
11:30 AM  

@ Damcanu ...

Yes, well I was just being prejudist :) ; skiers can be equally as reckless as boarders although the latter DO tend to fuck up the slopes towards the end of the day.


CV said...
12:07 PM  

There's a USDCAD ETF, so you could sell that and buy the USDJPY ETF to get long CADJPY.

Anonymous said...
3:02 AM  

Canadian Dollar ETF is FXC. Happy punting.

Anonymous said...
3:04 AM  

Amazing how the UK can be shut down by what the Swiss make tons of money from.

Don't break a leg. We need your skills at dropkicking government ministers.

Anonymous said...
4:50 AM  

+1 on the g'ment comment

Anonymous said...
10:54 AM  

Yesterday, "Sir" Fred Goodwin said he couldn't be more sorry for buying ABN Amro and destroying RBS

I can think of an obvious way he could be more sorry: return the unearned "performance" and "integration" bonuses he collected

Anonymous said...
2:38 PM  

James Crosby...RIP, just need to sit tight until the trail leads them to Brown. Wonder how much squealing Crosby will be doing??

Anonymous said...
5:56 PM  

Enjoy it!

Mihai BOBOCEA said...
6:43 AM  

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