Snowed Under

Monday, February 02, 2009

Macro Man is at a bit of a loss today. It was always going to be a slow one, given that he stayed up last night til 4 am to watch his favourite NFL team in the Super Bowl. But when he awoke this morning to find the UK transport system paralyzed once again due to weather- and this time with good reason.
Much as Macro Man would like to wax lyrical about the lack of weekend developments on the bad bank front, or muse about Barron's catching a bad case of Europhobia, he somehow can't muster the energy today. In any event, in his current "Micro Man" guise, his attention has been taken by shorter-term issues. And with a five- and a six-year old baying for another session outside, today's entry will have to be brief.

Macro Man would like to write more, but he's just completely snowed under today.

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yep, I'm off to Richmond park -- have fun!

t said...
10:46 AM  

battled to canary wharf to find virtually no-one here, markets dead and looks like the City will be closing early...

SD said...
11:56 AM  

So Macro Man and Macro Druckenmiller are both Steelers fans.

Anonymous said...
1:18 PM  

MM -- you will be pleased to learn that payment of your US taxes are now optional under the Obama administration.

Just ignore them. If you happen to run for office later on, and if you happen to get caught -- you can issue a heart felt apology then... Obama will even appoint you into his cabinet

Working at the U.S. Federal Reserve (Geithner) or even serving in the US Congress (Daschle) is no reason to be aware of the tax code.

Oh wait!?!? You are not a politician? In that case, you will go to prison if you don't pay.

Anonymous said...
1:41 PM  

steelers have quite a history (chuck noll won 4 super bowls), so the super-bowl indicator is now bullish on SPX

was amazing the barrons cover on the death of treasuries some weeks back did not get faded, now can a buy treasuries and sell gold pairing finally get started

gold and crude oil seasonal charts appear straight down this whole month to a bottom about 3/1... in commodities in general there is a saying the 'feb. break' due to selling them for the paying of taxes and the buying of supplies for producing them in the coming year

Anonymous said...
1:43 PM  

Well since you're hanging around home in a celebratory haze perhaps you'd care to dig into some macro stuff and/or answer questions ?
On the first some of the Davos speeches (which are all online for your reviewing pleasure) were quite interesting. Everybody (China, Russia, Germany, GB, a) a new world order and b)their approaches to a balanced stimulus trading off s.t. pump priming and l.t. investment.

2) On your prior post what macro themes do you see finally rising above the noise. BtW - consider that we're in a "chaotic" environment where the noise is dominant as the system struggles to re-stabilize.

3) How do you see options being a good choice to engineer your macro themes ? In particular how do you find them for signal focus and noise filters ?

4) And for we few ignorati how does that deterioration work out ?

BtW - FWIW....I've been dissecting the structural disaster that was the Finance Industry as we knew it if you're looking for macro themes.

dblwyo said...
2:16 PM  

no market insight or trade ideas? fun in the snow w/ the Macro Boys?'s a world gone mad...I demand a full refund...

LouisBacon said...
2:56 PM  

I am indeed a Steelers fan, indeed one of the Steeler nation; born in Pittsburgh, was there during the 70's glory years (even went to a few games- my folks had season tix), but then my dad, who worked for US Steel, moved the family down south to escape the imploding Pittsburgh economy.

Sadly, the other legacy of my upbringing is that I remain a Pirates fan as well...

Macro Man said...
3:40 PM  

rounders--girl sport--even if they do get paid too well --course we are going back to barter so won't matter soon anyhoe

Anonymous said...
3:45 PM  

mm, you ever trade milk?

Anonymous said...
4:53 PM  


Macro Man said...
4:58 PM  

6 bps away.

when does di break away from the crude correlation

Anonymous said...
5:10 PM  

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