5 Charts on Chinese Trade (PRC-approved version)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Posted by Macro Man at 1:06 PM  



"Macro posts were now acceptable to the People's Republic of China censor" (care of translate.google.com)

With $27B to count, you'd think they'd already be too busy.. (or $37B on Dr Setser's numbers!)


Quarrel said...
4:18 PM  

I think the original text I used was 'This Macro Man post is now acceptable to the censor of the People's Republic of China.'

Perhaps I should send it to Wen Jinbao to get myself unblocked!

Macro Man said...
4:30 PM  

Maybe Dominique Strauss-Kahn can put in a good word for you. The PBOC could be pretty high up his call sheet.


Quarrel said...
4:50 PM  

Ha! If this doesn't get you unblocked, I am not sure what else will!
You may also want to send this to Zhou Xiaochuan as a bumper sticker for his car. He is not feeling much love now days, or so I hear.

LC said...
8:50 PM  

Oh, really? What's the gossip about Zhou, then?

Macro Man said...
9:29 PM  

There has been some reshuffling of the top level managers of Chinese Central Bank. It's gotten pretty prominent coverage in Chinese press. I believe a couple of his dupties have been sent to clean up AG bank and there is general belief that CIC will have more say over forex matters.
Also, it doesn't help that they just executed the food and drug safety guy. Zhou can't feel good knowing that someday somebody may hold his head over the forex loss....

lc said...
9:34 PM  

OK, thanks LC. One would presume that Zhou would hope he's either gone or able to point the finger at Lou Jiwei if and when the FX chickens come home to roost.

Macro Man said...
9:52 PM  

Blogspot is still blocked ... thank goodness for TOR :-)

Jet So said...
3:27 PM  

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