Fitch downgrades Iceland!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here's what happened last year, which eventually fed through into weakness in all currencies with large/deteriorating current accounts. It certainly doesn't feel like the same will happen this time around, though EUR/ISK a percent or so higher (Bloomberg screen not updating)

Posted by Macro Man at 3:49 PM  


Fitch left banks go this time.
It would be interesting to see when will Moodys "re-adjust" bank AAA ratings.

infd said...
11:56 AM  

No doubt after the price has already moved....

Macro Man said...
12:00 PM  

seems it will happen today

Any view on how hard they will have to cut?

infd said...
12:29 PM  

Nope, other than 'well away from triple-a!'

Macro Man said...
12:55 PM  

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