In real life, Macro Man is a portfolio manager at a London-based global macro hedge fund, where he trades global currencies, equities, fixed income, and commodities. In his career he has also been a "real money" portfolio manager, an international economist, a sell-side currency strategist, and a currency options market-maker.

This blog is a repository of his views, concerns, rants, and, on occasion, poetic stylings. Macro Man endeavours to take a scientific approach to his investment decisions, and so writes (usually every day) to articulate his views and reassess them in the light of incoming data. The public scrutiny that comes from posting in this space is a valuable ancillary benefit. Occasionally, he subjects readers to his sense of humour and other efforts at creativity.

The blog is written in the third person as a purely artistic device. Nothing written here should be taken as investment advice.

Macro Man does not do advertisements or endorsements, nor does he do "link exchanges" or anything of that nature.

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