Monday, August 09, 2010

I Am Sorry I Haven't a Clue

Despite you probably thinking that is, or should be, a comment on our recent thoughts on the market, it is not. We remain steadfast, though Mr. Market appears to be totally focused on (and is pricing accordingly for) this happening -

Instead we are referring to the timeless English classic radio series "I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue". Now our overseas readership probably haven't got a clue about "clue", but it is a UK radio show that IS quintessential English humour. Many of the rounds are based on word puns and one of our favorites is "Arrivals to the Ball" where the object is to create an announcement of the form "Mr and Mrs X and their son (or daughter)....", with the child's name forming a pun, preferably a laboured and feeble one. For example Arrivals to the Fisherman's Ball would see "I would like to announce the arrival of Mr and Mrs Bigguns-Lately and their son…. Courtney Bigguns-Lately". Or the Criminals Ball, "Mr and Mrs Knee and thir Swedish son Lars Knee" (we are sure you got that one).

TMM have often wondered who would attend if they happened to hold a "Foreign Exchange Ball", so with full deference and credits where due to the mighty show we offer the following:

Mr and Mrs Bull and their daughter Kay
Mr and Mrs Sadmeallover and their son Andy
Mr and Mrs Yourmate-Kanstuffit and their son Ewan
Mr and Mrs Soffered and their daughter Betty
And from the other side of the family - Mr and Mrs Sbid and their son Ozzie
Mr and Mrs Sgoingup and their daughter Goldy
Mr and Mrs D'Fault and their children Archie 'n' Tina
Our guests from Russias,
The Tzar Scominoff,
Yuri Skplease,
Yuri Yensfortyoffered,
Yuri Lee-Thinkso
Mr and Mrs Effex-Salesman and their son Amir
Mr and Mrs Fying-Loss and their son Terry
Mr and Mrs Sbreaking-Higher and their son Randy
From Wales,, Mr and Mrs Vergence and their son Dai
Indian Player, R.S.I Soverbought
Mr and Mrs Bart and their son Ty
Mr and Mrs Penning-Price and their son Theo
Mr and Mrs Terse-Dealing and their son Roy
Mr and Mrs Hess and their daughter Phoebe
Mr and Mrs Heeboard-Froze and their son Mike
Mr and Mrs Oneshow-Meabid and their daughter Henny
Mr and Mrs Owen-Long and their adopted Swedish son Jorg
Mr and Mrs Short and their son Kurt
Mr and Mrs Pennpillage-Onthafix and their son Ray
Mr and Mrs Terhedging and their son Del
Mr and Mrs Yuat-Risk and their daughter Val
Mr and Mrs Termarket and their son Mark
Mr and Mrs Limit-Andurfired and their son Buster
Mr and Mrs Themout-Slowly and their son Offa
Our country cousins Pa Sonthat and Ma Gin-Trading
Mr and Mrs Market-Turns and Mr and Mrs Inthemoney with their daughters Hope D. Market-Turns and Isla B. Inthamoney.

And finally

Mr and Mrs Bollox-Innit and their son Saul

With that in mind we invite you to make your own contributions to "Arrivals at the "Policy Makers Ball".


Chris said...


I am pleased to announce the arrival of our friends from Mars, Mr & Mrs Irp and their son Z.

Miss Argoingdownforever, isn't she a doll?

From Mr & Mrs Titative-Easing and their adopted Thai son Kwon

Leftback said...

Mr and Mrs Tightening and their son Dunne.

Richard said...

Monsieur and Frau Inthesand
and their son Ed

Chris said...

Miss N'dreou and her Papa

scharfy said...

From the US of A (we are genetically not as witty, so this needs to be graded on a curve) here's a good effort...

Introducing Mr and Mrs Biggselov, and their very bearish twin daughters Ivana and Anita

Leftback said...

Short-Term Top in Treasuries?

Americans Now Majority Owners of Treasuries

Longer term, this trend towards domestic holding of US debt and increased savings will continue.

Polemic said...

What fun, Im enjoying this and sharfy, thats more than a good effort.

And LB, are you sure that in the distance I cant see .. who is it now .. Ah yes! It looks like Mr and Mrs Linbonds and there large son ... Bubba !!

Leftback said...

There are Bubbas far as the eye can see.

Tell you the truth, so many people like bonds here it is making LB examine his positioning.

What if they gave a QE party and nobody showed?

Leftback said...

Mr and Mrs Gamma and their son Lon.
Mr and Mrs Trage and their son Arby.
Mr and Mrs Bore and their son Yuri.
Mr and Mrs Bees and their son J.G.
Mr and Mrs Bonds and their daughter Gigi (GG)

Nic said...

Mr & Mrs NotComingIn and their friend FedShip

Mr & Mrs Tomorrow and their son NoLoosening

phoenixwoman said...

Lord and Lady Easleyen-Turtaned and their son Theon Glishar.


akikana said...

...Mr & Mrs Bennett-the-spread-on-your-sterling-yen-pair-is-daylight-robbery and their son Gordon?

FX said...

Make way for our guests of honor from Europe,

Mr & Mrs Ignis-Fatuss and their Children Quant & Montez

MKGI said...

Mr and Mrs Ankeput and their son Bernard (Bern to his friends)

Oliver said...

Mr and Mrs Hunt, accompanied by their two daughters Tree and Shazak

Nic said...

US stocks - Only 3 other -1% gaps on FOMC days: 6/26/02, 9/24/02, 9/16/08. All led to +4% gains over next 2-3 days.

Oliver said...

(from the Uxbridge english Dictionary)

Loosening - the activity of misplacing chickens.

EuroDollar - accusation from a pirate of being effeminate

Butterfly - preparation of an insect sandwich

Iron Condor - misleading metal gate

Contango - unable to dance

Speculator - re-booking an appointment with an optician

Arbitrage - collective frustraton at computer RAM

two-way-price - Jordans next publicity stunt

Commodity - popular music from the 40's and 50's

Currency - raisin like

Intermediary - to make an appointment

Stochastic - shopkeeping term for selling small bits of wood

Polemic said...

I have to say that I am still happily chortling at that lot. As Charles says, doesn't take much to amuse us. Thanks everyone

But special mention does have to go to Oliver and Akikana. Your inside knowledge is showing through. I am kicking myself with shame for missing it, but massively grateful for you coming to the rescue with Gordon. Brilliant.
But Oliver despite you having a copy of the Uxbridge english dictionary on your desk, you get my vote for Mr and Mrs Hunt .. nice to see Michael has some sophisticated sisters...Priceless.

Polemic said...

actually that reminds me of an old student friend who is still called "Waddock" today ..