Friday, August 06, 2010

Closed due to NFI day

Yes, we mean "NFI"...


Leftback said...

The Census giveth, and the Census taketh away.

TNX at new lows. LB is resisting the temptation to run the length of the field to where the supporters of "Treasury Bears FC" are massed, his arms aloft as he celebrates the opening goal of the day.... if only his nemesis "Gary" were here to witness this moment...

LB appreciates the lottery reference.

Holly Jeebus said...

NFI National Fisheries Institute
NFI National Fatherhood Initiative
NFI National Forest Inventory (Australia)
NFI New Flyer Industries (bus manufacturer)
NFI National Fraud Initiative (UK)
NFI Naz Foundation International (UK)
NFI Net Farm Income
NFI Normed Fit Index (statistics)
NFI Netherlands Forensic Institute
NFI Non-Food Item(s)
NFI Nasjonal Forskningsinformasjon (Norwegian Research Database)
NFI No Further Information (available)
NFI Nutrition Foundation of India
NFI New Frontiers International (Church network in Hove, UK)
NFI Net Feed Intake (animal science)
NFI No Financial Interest
NFI Nouvelle Formation d'Ingénieur (French)
NFI Not Further Identified
NFI National Foreign Intelligence
NFI Narrow Fabrics Institute (Roseville, MN)
NFI no further interest
NFI Naval Facilities Institute
NFI No Freaking Idea
NFI National Federation of Ironmongers (UK)
NFI Net Financial Indebtedness
NFI No Flipping Idea (polite form)
NFI Not Flipping Invited
NFI Not for Inventory
NFI Not for Issue (broken/reserved equipment)
NFI Not Freakin' Interested (polite form)
NFI Nielsen Food Index

Polemic said...

And the winner is cpmppi with 30mins. Polemic's 10 seconds was just too punchy, while Nemo's "nah, he's way bigger than that, I'll go 6hours+" was way too kind...

Leftback said...

LOL.... Polemic. Fair enough, but I had essentially already taken the mickey out of myself....

Sorry about the arm wrestling this week, Nemo, but LB is doing his bit to maintain blog traffic during the Dog Days of August.

Tepid response to the number. This market is Pants, as a wise man once observed.

Polemic said...

Don't worry LB - We love you too .. In the words of one or Polemic's favorites, the Ramones .. "Gabba gabba we accept you, we accept you, one of us" - "Gabba gabba hey"

And Holly Jeebus - class. Well done, dead imporessed .. We were actually refering to the impolite version

No F'in Interest.

As for lists .. We may have one coming up for you soon ..


Leftback said...

LB thinks there might be a good trade in selling "Havens" later today, it's a Friday favorite of mine.

Yen, Treasuries and Gold all seem a little over-exuberant now, if havens can ever be exuberant.

Nic said...

Second from the bottom of your list for me Holly Jeebus :)
Have a great weekend all

Nemo Incognito said...

This is hilarious. Yeah sorry we were going to post something good and commodities related until IT informed me that a) excel 2003 was not working and b) you have no choice to get excel 2007 which won't be installed until midnight HK time. As such that limited how many groovy charts and supply demand model snaps I could put in.

Nemo Incognito said...

oh and for those who don't know, excel 2007 is horrible except for that ISERROR() function.

FX said...

> The trouble is that he is always >fighting the last war.


Let's hope this is the war to end all wars, LETS TRADE!

Goodweekend to ya!