Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bye-Bye Gordon.... soon 'til we're waving bye-bye euro?


CV said...


1.27ish and the AUD/USD is soon sub 0.9 ... risk off indeed! (except the EUR/JPY is sub 120 which is extraordinary in a "risk off" environment ... pink flamingo? ...)


M said...

Anyone have a good Bloomberg ticker for tracking euro OIS spreads?

There's an FT article today saying they're blowing out to record levels ( I can't seem to find what they're looking at, b/c all the data I see shows much higher spreads in the last crisis. Smarter folks might have a better clue.



Leftback said...

Goodbye to the "new bull market" too, MM? How do you say "carry trade unwind" in Greek and Portuguese?

KP is carving today against Pakistan in the 20/20, but the Aussies were a bit unconvincing yesterday (sorry, Skippy, couldn't resist).