Bye-Bye Gordon....

Thursday, May 06, 2010 soon 'til we're waving bye-bye euro?

Posted by Macro Man at 12:50 PM  



1.27ish and the AUD/USD is soon sub 0.9 ... risk off indeed! (except the EUR/JPY is sub 120 which is extraordinary in a "risk off" environment ... pink flamingo? ...)


CV said...
1:45 PM  

Anyone have a good Bloomberg ticker for tracking euro OIS spreads?

There's an FT article today saying they're blowing out to record levels ( I can't seem to find what they're looking at, b/c all the data I see shows much higher spreads in the last crisis. Smarter folks might have a better clue.



M said...
2:44 PM  

Goodbye to the "new bull market" too, MM? How do you say "carry trade unwind" in Greek and Portuguese?

KP is carving today against Pakistan in the 20/20, but the Aussies were a bit unconvincing yesterday (sorry, Skippy, couldn't resist).

Leftback said...
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