A Milestone

Friday, September 25, 2009

Macro Man hopes that readers will pardon a brief diversion from your regularly-scheduled macro commentary as he notes a milestone in the history of this blog.

Today, at 1.04 pm London time, this space received its one millionth visitor (from Ponte-Claire, Quebec, if you're interested) since its inception on 13 September 2006. A lot has changed since then, both in the market and in this space.

Thanks to all readers for stopping by, and especially those who contribute to what is usually a high-quality discussion of the issues and markets of the day. Cheers!

And now, back to your regularly-scheduled commentary....

Posted by Macro Man at 1:03 PM  


ha....that post is funny...no wonder we had such big moves in 2007/8; everyone was the other way with insane leverage.

Anonymous said...
1:19 PM  

thank you for the thoughts, analysis and putting together the medium for the valuable exchange of thoughts.

but most of all, thanks for the wit. keep em coming.

Anonymous said...
1:20 PM  

By far, this is my #1 favourite blog. MM, your reasoning has strongly anchored by thinking, particularly when the market was telling me that I was crazy.

PPM said...
1:38 PM  

Hey Mr. Macro Man congrats .That Point Claire(Qc) person could have been me. I come to read your blog often, sometimes several times during the day(comments). Yesterday I came to read Leftback's comment as he asked Andy's friends to go check his post here. Thanks for all the effort you put in everyday, and the comments from some smart cookies.

Anonymous said...
1:44 PM  

I support fully the previous 2 Anon's comments.
Well done + congrats!

Anonymous said...
1:45 PM  

Yes very good site MM, and much appreciated, I don't know how you find the time.


Steve said...
2:08 PM  

Cool. Am wondering, as with markets, I missed that millionth visitor landmark too. I must have been around at that time. Some things just never change. Phew.
Keep it coming MM.

Anonymous said...
2:08 PM  

Congratulations and thanks in equal measure MM; best blog out there for sure and a staple part of my trading day.

Olly said...
2:33 PM  

Congratulations. I've paired my shortlist of blogs to a minimum but this is still on it.

Manc Trader said...
2:50 PM  

The boy done good. Brilliant. You must be over the moon, MM. Keep on taking it one game at a time. Looking forward to your match reports on the massive clash upcoming between Ursus United and FC Bovine.

leftback said...
3:39 PM  

You're playing the Roberto Carlos role for the former, i presume?

Macro Man said...
3:48 PM  

Hope you mean the renowned Brazilian full-back and not the one-legged singer. Growing up in Liverpool the only way you get a game is at left back, even if you are basically right-footed.

leftback said...
4:04 PM  

Congrats MM, and all thought provoking posters.

Roberto Carlos ia leaving Fenerbahce SK soon for a Brazilian club that I can't remember at the moment, fyi.

On FX, USD might catch a break towards north given FED's potentail reverse repo ops (re: Warsh's article in today's Journal).


Anonymous said...
4:10 PM  

LB, I assumed your handle referred to your footy position and not your school performance. I was a sunday league right back myself. What I lacked in pace, touch, and skill I made up for in tardiness of tackle...

Macro Man said...
4:24 PM  

MM, LB's most enjoyable season ever was spent as a prolific scoring pacy left midfielder playing under a chunky and chain-smoking Nick Hornby as skipper. The half-time talks were amusing, as you can no doubt imagine, and The Horn was usually as sharp in front of goal as he was with his wit. These days LB is a mainstay of the back four, and a big exponent of the Alehouse Ball, especially late in games.

leftback said...
6:18 PM  

#1 website on the internet


Anonymous said...
6:27 PM  

Many intelligent insights on the market always worth reading.

Leftback .if you parked your left foot in Liverpool you'd have to be "Righback" to make sure it was still there ..LOL ..scouse humour ;)

Anonymous said...
6:44 PM  

I agree with everyone ... Congratulations and Thanks MM

Nic said...
6:49 PM  

Thanks all....I am really just left wondering if LB has a bubble perm and dodgy 'tash....

Macro Man said...
7:39 PM  

Gizza job.

leftback said...
7:44 PM  

Congrats, MM--a million here, a million there, and pretty soon we're talking about mainstream media. . .

But What do I Know? said...
8:25 PM  

Wow. Maybe your blog is a bubble. Will it collapse alongside risky assets when the Fed tightens? ;)

Anonymous said...
9:41 PM  

The blog is always an edifying read. Congratulations and keep up the great posts

Anonymous said...
10:03 PM  

I am a big fan, It's sad that the street pays analysts millions of dollars to regurgitate total bilge when insight exits here for free....On that issue the Equity vs Bond Market reaction is a worthy pointer to the suspicion we "could" heap on the bear call from here.. Lord Knows there has been precious little fundamnetal reason to buy into the future profit opportunities of the world , other than the lack of yield elsewhere. It would appear the Bond markt doesnt buy into an imminent return to growth, but the equity market teeters on the prospect of the Liquidity tap being turned off? MAybe these are not such strange bedfellows....Nobody truelly believes the world is fixed (see bond market), AND crucially NOBODY truelly believes the Policy makers have a clue what they are doing...To "exit" their strategy at some point in the future implies they have some clue as to where they came in and more importantly where they are now , Equity markets will likley spend a few sessions reminding policy holders that the world is NOT fixed.

One eyed man said...
10:51 PM  

Wow! 1 Million! Congrats on the blogger equivalent of going "Super Platinum".

10:55 PM  

In response to PPM (3rd comment) I am just glad your reasoning is strongly anchored by thinking. Otherwise it might be anchored by strong mysticism or religionism which I am not glad for at all. And goodness knows if it was anchored by not thinking at all. In any case, it is nice that you have some traffic from french people.

patrick said...
6:39 AM  

Thanks MM. Incredibly useful info and food for thought.

Nemo Incognito said...
6:51 AM  

Excellent blog MM. I, for one, am very grateful that you share your considerable insight and experience on this blog, and in an interesting manner.

Anonymous said...
10:40 AM  

Congrats. Also nice interview on bloomie the other day.

Anonymous said...
1:05 PM  


I only started reading this blog in Feb this year, and it is one of the three I bother checking everyday. And, dare I say it, I check it wishing that there were sometimes some more posts! Amazing how things start and where they get to. Congratulations on the quality commentary. The gulf between most of the financial commentary on the web and your free comments is quite something.

Perhaps the salient quality of your blog is the balanced content, based on the facts. It keeps one from missing something they might not have been aware of.

All the best.

Anonymous said...
5:45 PM  

Thanks Macro Mon. It would be wonderful if the comments section updated itself automatically so I wouldn't have to feel like a dope fiend hitting reload 30 times a day. Probably not possible with Blogger.

Crisis Management said...
4:28 PM  

A milestone indeed ... I am sure there will be 2 million visitors too.

keep up the good work



CV said...
7:08 PM  

Congratulations and thanks Macro Man.
I hope you will come up to the another millions in the near future.

from japan trader

Anonymous said...
2:50 AM  


I am really new to the board but I have been picking your (along with others') brain on a daily basis. Thanks.

Love to hear more about examples of portfolio construction & trade structures.

Deniz said...
3:07 AM  

Congrats MM! Any sign of Holmes or Watson at the VIP 1 millionth visitor afterparty?

Please keep up the amazing work!

Linda P. said...
4:05 AM  

Hello all...incommunicado for the time being, so posting will be sporadic this week. Feel free to use this space for regular banter and exchange of views...

Macro Man said...
11:59 AM  

MM, Someone mentioned that you were interviewed on Bloomberg recently? Was that on TV? Where can we find it?

Anonymous said...
12:05 PM  

What I liked most about your post was that you wrote, at 1.04pm but my computer tells me you posted this at 1.03pm!

Attention to detail!

Minty said...
1:39 PM  

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