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Monday, January 05, 2009

To see the result of the SPX poll, click here.

Posted by Macro Man at 1:45 PM  


thanks for posting the map -- that was fascinating -- fun to see the "macro man" universe!

triozyg said...
11:28 PM  

Is there a prize associated with this poll? :-)

Maybe a bag of pop rocks and some cheap 10 Euros champagne. Some Spumante in a brown paper wrapper.

MM, you should do an annual "Wild Ass Predict the S&P 500" at the end of the year contest. Winner gets to wear the dunce cap for a day.

Mr Risk said...
2:46 AM  

Curious that the coastal inhabitants are clearly more optimistic (usa wow). I guess this would be somewhat expected, but I find the degree to which it's true quite surprising.

Anonymous said...
11:07 AM  

But more curious is that Europeans are more optimistic than Americans.

Anonymous said...
4:41 PM  

Well, that was no help.

Neat map, though. ;-)

--Charles of MercuryRising

Anonymous said...
10:44 PM  

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