Thursday, July 03, 2008

The 4th of July: busiest day of the year

Markets may be slow or closed tomorrow for the 4th of July, but a guy like Macro Man always manages to occupy himself. Heck, tomorrow's "holiday market" promises to be the busiest day of the year for him. Consider his timeline:

6 am: Get in car, drive for two hours completely around London and then north for a good bit longer

8 am: Eat breakfast

9.15 am: Drive like a madman for three hours in cars like the one to the left, among others

12:30: Lunch

13:30: Drive like a madman for another three hours

16:30: Finish driving like a madman

16:40 Drive back south, then completely around London for another 2- 2.5 hours

19:00 Arrive at a hotel

19:15 Brush teeth, shower, change into black tie

20:00 Sit down to dinner at a charity ball

20:05 Over/under for when Macro Man falls asleep at the table


CV said...

Have a good one MM ...

You have earned it I think ... nice to see that you have your mojo back as per reference to today's smart call of the EUR/USD action.

Oh, the JPY still has me wondering. I am not sure whether to expect risk correlations to re-emerge or fundamentals (i.e. outflows and decline in home bias) to take over.

Anyway, we can discuss that come Monday and beyond.

Pedal to the Metal.


Mrs Macro said...

Don't you dare

Anonymous said...


A school, or a track day?


Macro Man said...

Jan, track day with instructors.

Mrs. M, we'll see...

bank analyst said...

very nice call on the EUR yesterday. The resulting Key Day Reversal / Bearish Engulfing Candle against the 1.5850 range highs (and similar but reverse formation in USD/CHF) suggests that we could see a bit of a $ rally in the week ahead for a move back to the 1.5285/1.5305 area range lows.

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