Trichet's message to Euribor longs

Friday, June 06, 2008

Posted by Macro Man at 11:46 AM  


AHHAHAHAH.. I hope to reply him!!!

12:02 PM  

I see you got the picture I sent. Keep up the good work and good luck!

Anonymous said...
1:15 PM  

You have to admire the fortitude of a man prepared to poke himself in the eye from time to time to make sure he is seeing straight....

Anonymous said...
1:43 PM  

A Masonic signal to Mervyn re: the grizzled menaces (shurely shome mishtake)

Anonymous said...
1:51 PM  

And I thought it was to Ben he flipped that bird.

After all, didn't Bernanke say just three days ago "we really really do want a stronger dollar", etc etc; that day, oil went down, stocks went up.

To me it sounded very much like a "pretty please with cherries on top" message to the ECB.

ECB: "We appreciate the Fed's comments on the dollar" .... now go Cheney yourself.

Anonymous said...
5:04 PM  

Anon, the great irony is that the ECB has turned uber-hawkish to control inflation. The outcome has been a massive squeeze in eur/usd, which had dragged oil up 10 pct in 2 days.....which is inherently inflationary. This episode is just another step closer to the grave for inflation targeting....

Macro Man said...
5:16 PM  

Irritated at equity strength? Hold your breath and they'll get weaker, like today. Next leg of bear market in progress, blueberry patch at bottom of slope for cash holders. Finally.

OldVet said...
8:01 PM  

I assumed as much, and the desire to help Uncle Ben with his inflation problem seems to land squarely between jacques and squat.

Can ECB raise the euro high enough to catch up to oil?

And what happens when China decides to start targeting its own domestic inflation instead of the USD?

Anonymous said...
8:05 PM  

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