Just like Colt 45

Friday, January 04, 2008

Billy Dee Williams says: just like Colt 45, jobs hard to get works every time!

OK, it doesn't always work, and today it was helped by benchmark revisions to the household survey. And with non-manufacturing ISM still to come, chances of intraday reversals remain evident. Still, the "US going down the swannee" theme so beloved of markets looks set to remain in play fo the time being; per this morning's post, that FX carry basket might not be long for this world.

Posted by Macro Man at 2:13 PM  


Might we get Kohn'ed at 9:15?? Wonder if the speech is being rewritten as I type...

Anonymous said...
3:28 PM  

At this point I have no idea what to expect from the Fed. As I said to one guy today, over the past few months we've seen more flip-flops from the Fed than at the beach in August.

Macro Man said...
3:46 PM  

the economist decided to end the oil bull. short on rallies?

Anonymous said...
9:57 PM  

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