The most popular breakfast at the Federal Reserve Canteen

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nothing like a complete breakfast of cereal and toast.....

Posted by Macro Man at 2:25 PM  


Swervin' Mervyn on a box of porridge ???

good one MM

Anonymous said...
5:01 PM  

STeepening indeed!!!

"Cassandra" said...
7:17 PM  

What say the odds that within 6 months Big Bad Ben is going to be buying out on the curve?
I think it's ticked up to better than 50/50.

Anonymous said...
7:40 PM  

I suspect that HP would tell Voldemort 'All is forgiven! Come buy our lovely bonds!" first.

If the Fed really does start a US-style rinban campaign, then it's probably time to load up on shotguns and tinned food.


Macro Man said...
8:01 PM  

RJ -
You mean a good old fashioned coupon pass?? In comparison to the sheer quantity of what's out there I cannot imagine to what effect it might undertake such operations? A bit like pissing in the ocean. All joking aside, the Fed is in an unenviable spot: it has all responsibility with little of the actual power to effect changes at the root - US fiscal policy and the dismal US bop deficit resulting from no energy policy..

"Cassandra" said...
8:03 PM  

I would argue rinban did absolutely nothing except redecorate lots of kitchens in Greenwich, whether directly or indirectly.

US-style steepening to stealthily rebuild bank balance-sheets was arguably far more effective. Over time however, its become more difficult to target the give-away to key financial institutions, and now any free lunch attracts a nearly infinite electronic herd of uninvited free-loaders that should or will cause authorities much consternation about boondoggle give-aways. I mean, IF the proverbial helicopter is in fact coming, shouldn't they just cut cheques to every man, woman child and pet ??

"Cassandra" said...
8:13 PM  

A little dramatic, I know. But Jesus, the guy cut 50/50 with Oil, Gold, Wheat etc..etc..pressing.....what the hell did he think was gonna happen?
I just can't foret all that nonsense that came from him and the Fed cohort circa '02, '03 and wonder.....

Anonymous said...
8:18 PM  

I suspect that part of the problem is his research background. BB made his academic 'bones' in studying the Great Depression and the policy mistakes that caused/exacerbated it. It should probably therefore not come as any surprise that BB senses at least the faint whiff of the 30's whenever things start to go awry.

And of course, what the Fed has that the ECB, BOE (has a central bank ever seen its stock fall so far, so fast?) , and even BOJ do not have is the employment mandate, which makes the Fed less focused on preserving purchasing power than those other institutions.

I it possible to get Dr. Alan Bollard US citizenship?

Macro Man said...
9:45 PM  

"I it possible to get Dr. Alan Bollard US citizenship?"

He can have mine. It's well used and has some dings, but is still valid.

OldVet said...
10:14 PM  

Preaching to the chior Macro Man...preaching to the chior. Which is precisely my point. If this Fed Chair has this (irrational) focus on 'Great Depression Prevention' are we not to increase the odds that policy blunders are ever more likely?
PS. Personally, I can only dream that Malcom Knight and William White, if not the Fed Head, were at lest on the board.

Anonymous said...
1:33 AM  

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Anonymous said...
9:32 PM  

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