Austerity Bites

There have been many parodies made with respect to the Greece situtation and the classic film/musical "Grease". "Greece is the Word" has been a favorite, but TMM take their hat off to friends of theirs who have ducked beyond the obvious and instead gone for another great song from that show. Now it is "Austerity Bites" and they have kindly allowed us to reproduce it below (with some very gentle edits). Our most profuse thanks go to you, guys (you know who you are)!!!

Easy credit, had me a blast
Easy credit, happened so fast
The debt mkts, crazy for me
The debt mkts, basically free
Credit rating, driftin' away,
To, uh-oh, those rioting nights

Aborrow borrow borrow borrow, oops

Pay more tax, pay more tax,
Or we’ll sell your back yard
Pay more tax, pay more tax,

A hun, a hun, a hun, a hun
A hundred billion, flushed down the drain
It hasn’t worked, please do it again
We'll save our banks, they’ve nearly drowned
Well they showed off, splashin’ it around
Summer mkts, something's begun,
But, uh-oh, how austerity bites

We’ll sell u more, sell u more,
But we’ll do it right,
Tell the Moodys, tell the Fitch
Not a default in sight
We'll call it voluntary,
Then demand that you’re in
They’ve no choice, but put their country in hock
Come Jun 29th, at 10 o’clock.

Me pay tax? No I don’t pay a thing,
But uh-oh how austerity bites
Pay more tax, pay more tax,
And forget about your pension
Pay more tax, pay more tax
And don’t dare order the venison

We've got to help you; we’ll hold your hand
Just like Dubai did, we'll bury it in the sand
Kick that can, till you’re an old man
Hopefully by then, we’ll have a real plan

Credit ratings, drifting away…,
But, uh-oh how, austerity bites
Pay more tax, pay more tax,
How much dough do you spend?
Pay more tax, pay more tax,
How much? F*ck, this is the end

No, we’ll take your banks down, that's where it ends
But when we’re better, can we still be friends
Then we made our true love vow
Wonder where that money is now

Capitalist dreams, ripped at the seams,
But oh, how austerity bites
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June 24, 2011 at 4:55 PM ×


June 24, 2011 at 7:51 PM ×

"Then we made our true love vow
Wonder where that money is now"

So true, in so many contexts...
Brilliant effort.