TMM Quiz Time

TMM are particularly weary this morning. Not only have they survived a month, quarter and in some cases, year end, they were out last night having their brains sapped at a quiz night. So coming in today they thought they would test their readership with exactly the sort of questions they were exposed to last night. Are you ready ? Fingers on buzzers. Starter for 10 and no conferring...

  1. Who won the 1938 Nottingham cup?
  2. Why did James Francis not shoot for the moon in January this year?
  3. If A is 8, B is 19 and C is D, what is M?
  4. Who shot Angel?
  5. "Happy Jay", "Mickel Mouse" and "Red Burr" are all types of what?
  6. On which continent is Hojhab?
  7. Where would you find your "dinegestators"?
  8. In which language is "Urdatch" a greeting?
  9. If a man has 3 pennies, a coat hanger and a ping pong ball, where would he find his wallet?
  10. Kj is the chemical symbol for which common element?
  11. Which calibre is now standard on all Toyota pickups 33mm, 45mm or 50mm?
  12. If a 5.3 earthquake was to hit Blackpool in the UK, what would be the estimated value of improvements to the area?
  13. What percentage of the air in the London Underground is human skin?
  14. "You've got Mice" was a hit for which 1960s band?
  15. How many "flims" are there in a "meld"?
  16. Whose last words were "Pass the spam"?
  17. Who invented the "teetlespouse"?
  18. When did hay stop being legal tender (the year, but extra points for the exact date)?
  19. How many days in a quinquorum?
  20. 1365 is famous for what?
  21. When will Voldermort stop taking the piss?
Not surprisingly TMM didn’t win, but were left checking their hearing aids. We are taking it gently today as we are packing our various travel bags for a variety of week-end jollies. We wish you a very happy and prosperous Q2.
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April 1, 2011 at 11:21 AM ×

1. Sheriff?
2. No bullets
3. Female / Judy
4, Cupid
5. Drinks
6. Antarctic
7. Google
8. Bogan
9. pocket
10. Piss
11. none of the above
12. US Fed debt
13. Bugger .. umm 35%
14. Pestinators
15. Pass .. 4.5?
16. Inbox
17. teetlegroom
18. superceded by mull in 62
20. An IP Address Extension Proposal
21. When the pimple is popped!
No hope waiting for cab to get out and have dinner and drinks. 'ave a good weekend.

April 1, 2011 at 12:52 PM ×

Absolute classic, laughed til it was hurting.

April 1, 2011 at 1:33 PM ×

1. Bombardier.
2. London Pride
3. Young's Special
4. ESB
5. Hammered.
6. G & T
7. Sancerre
8. Cotes du Rhone
9. Hammered
10. Irish Car Bomb.
11. Puke on your shoes
12. Fosters
13. Budweiser and making love in a canoe.
14. Water
15. Sam Smith's
16. Old Peculier
17. Puke.
18. Boddingtons
19. IPA
20. Abbott
21. Sake

Not sure if these are the quiz answers or a description of TMM's drinks bill....

April 1, 2011 at 1:36 PM ×

...and the answer to the other question du jour is:

+216k. More or less consensus. We can all go home for the weekend now.

April 1, 2011 at 2:07 PM ×

Google is sure efficient. I kept searching for some of the terms in the quiz, and the TMM blog (indexed already!) kept coming up in the top three places (front page, article page, and monthly archive).

April 2, 2011 at 7:09 PM ×

anon 11.21 - Next time TMM are dragged to a quiz, you will be getting a call. Great work.

anon 12.52 - thanks. Best therapy in the world that laughter thing.

LB - yes re the bill, but in the wrong order so no points. I'm afraid. As for that other great number of the day, I think some of u were just glad is it behind us so we could call the week to a close.

Anon 2.07 - yes it is isn't it. And interestingly those words we made up are now stuck in googleland for eternity. One day when some one reinvents them for something real, some word archaeologist will find them in the google cretaceous period filed under TMM .. (whoever they were)

and anyway, it was april 1st..