Christmas - Time for Giving?

The Christmas lunch season is fast descending upon us, which will play havoc with our posts from now on, so we apologize in advance if they become more sketchy.

But this is much more important -

With Christmas nearly upon us we thought it worthy to revisit Macro Man's Last Request (tagged in the sidebar). Back in May when MM moved on, leaving TMM nursing his baby, he launched a little charity request for any appreciative reader over the years to help the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Your immediate response raised about £1500. Now, 7 months on, fresh help has slowed to a trickle but we would love to be able to have one last push over the Christmas period to help us get to at least £2,000 by year end or, hopefully, blow that target away.

So, calling all of our readers who haven't helped already, you referral blogs, you mirror sites, you syndicating sites, you press readers and as the radio phone in folks say "Every one else who knows us", please can you spread the TMM Christmas Message and help us to help them at -

Macro Man JustGiving

Team Macro Man
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