Red red wine -- Uurgh

Team Macro Man had too much red wine last night. So though there is plenty to pass comment on, we currently have the attention span of a Goldfish and similarly just find ourselves remarking "Nice Castle" to each other every 15 seconds...

So, some hazy thoughts.

Is DGDF really back?

Eurowoes wont go away no matter how hard the PR machine tries to bury them.
Slovaks showing Euro unity in NOT backing the EFSF.
Irish eyes are shining? Shiners, more like.

Best piece on Europe we have seen for ages is HERE. But we would like him to sell merchandise other than just mouse mats. How about in national flag size?

NZ GDP - How the hell can you miss a GDP forecast by so much? That’s meant to be the easy one to predict. But with a population of only 4 million we guess you only need a couple of people to have a lie-in one morning and you can really skew the figures. Oh look, the Irish GDP figs have just suffered the same fate.

So to all those GDP modelers out there we'd just like to say: 1001010101010101111100010010101010100101010101001010100000101011110
Because you are all a bunch of quants.

May not hurry those DVDs back tonight. Blockbuster has gone bust. Again. This company feels like it died years ago but has been hidden in the attic like a 111 yr old Japanese grandpa. If you read that story, old we know, you have to sympathise with the grandkids:
"when family members tried to check on his room on March 25, they saw a skull. 'Grandpa was a very scary man. So, we couldn’t open the door,’ the grandchild was quoted as telling the police. ‘He shut himself up in the room without food or water.'" Scary indeed.

Vince Cable walked straight into that one, as the conservatives said "Of course you can say what you like in your speech, Vince " .. and mumbled quietly to themselves "because then the world will work out for themselves what a complete clueless nutter you are",

Actually thats enough... Head hurts...
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September 23, 2010 at 1:06 PM ×

TMM should drink copiously more often. The comedic value of the posts increase commensurately.

September 23, 2010 at 5:26 PM ×

Today's market action is enough to drive one to drink and really calls for The Hair of The Dog...

BTW, TMM, that European maps link was the Dog's Bollocks...

September 23, 2010 at 8:33 PM ×

When you've sobered up again, does TMM really think that the Tory/Lib coalition can or will really execute a 25% cut in UK government spending?

On a recent trip to London, my numerate younger brother pointed out that this is roughly equivalent to 10% of GDP... which is more or less the contraction that Iceland just went through. LB has his doubts.