A Bank Holiday Poem

When Big Ben cut the discount rate,
The market said "that's really great!"
And bought stocks in a frenzied hurry,
No more, for them, the subprime worry

And better, still, was FX carry
The kiwi didn't seem so scary
And as for the Japanese yen,
It's now a funder once again

The sun has left the clouds behind,
It seems a year since it last shined
On England's green and rainy land
But for a while, we'll be sun-tanned

But as the month comes to an end
Will stocks and risk still be our friend?
Or will redemptions hit next week,
And cause markets again to freak?

Alack, alack, I wish I knew
And I'll bet you wish you did, too
Should I buy or sell or hold
Should I be meek or rather, bold?

What happens if I pay the sky?
My boss will say "Man, were you high?"
And what if I should sell the low?
He'll tell me that it's time to go

If I do nothing, and sit tight
I'll look like deer caught in headlights
'Cause if the market goes down plenty
Remember, hindsight's 20/20

A plan, a plan, that's what I need
To balance off my fear and greed
To help me forecast markets better,
I'll simplify things to a letter

A lambda, W, or V?
Which market path will we soon see?
If you think you know the truth
Then please vote in my poll, forsooth!

And now it's time for me to go
The sun don't always shine, you know!
I'll soon be back, and full of pluck
For now, good bye...and much good luck!
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August 27, 2007 at 2:51 PM ×

This poem is awesome.

Maybe, not as poetry, per se.... ahem....

But as a concise and dead-on accurate reflection of what I and about a ten thousand other financial types are thinking right now.

More great work, of an unexpected character...

August 27, 2007 at 3:52 PM ×

Some Financial mother goose to for a UK rainy day....

Fiddle and diddle,
The Fed's in the Middle,
The Chairman changed over his tune;
As iTrax shorts laughed
To see such sport,
Wishing they'd sold even more 'fore the swoon.

or how about

Monetary Faerie, not contrary,
What makes your liquidity grow?
Levered Swiss, Yen, Dollar-sells,
and petro-dollar wells,
With made-in china surpluses increasing the flow.


Sub-primeCDOs are like an onion
You taste them with delight
But when you sell you wonder
Whatever made you bite.