Friday, July 30, 2010

Annoyed at having to pay a $200k spread to get into your forward-starting var-swap? Frustrated that you have a team of quants working 15 hour days to value your rates book?

We at FX Punters Inc. have a solution. Margin-free trading with incredibly tight spreads able to capture any market dynamic!

Think European peripherals are smoked?

Think stock markets are oversold?

Think the Fed is on hold forever?

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Posted by cpmppi at 10:15 AM  


For those of us who don't speak Bloomberg... what's that first chart, please.

Charles Butler said...
11:09 AM  

Sorry, if the labelling wasn't clear.
The first chart is EUR vs 10yr Spain-Germany bond spread.

cpmppi said...
11:28 AM  

If its 4th and less than 1 yard don't punt, run it off tackle or try a 3 wide reciver set.

10:07 PM  

remember the wise comment 'if you want to sell yen you'd better find out first why it has been so strong'? guess chart 3 is the answer then...

Kwan said...
4:26 PM  

Indeed Kwan.... next question is when the paradigm shift occurs where JGBs start to have a credit premium built into them.

Nemo Incognito said...
4:56 PM  

Completely off topic question I'm afraid. Anyone got any idea where I can get data for government bond market aggregate turnover (US or UK)going back to before 1980 please?

I have data back to 1995 for the UK but can't find anything useful before that.

Thanks awfully.

scepticus said...
9:18 PM  

Has it occurred to anyone speculating in the currency markets that the yen is the currency of a small, earthquake-prone island next to a nuclear-armed nutter? Not very econometric, I know, but it's a not entirely bad reason to avoid putting the family's eggs in that particular basket.


phoenixwoman said...
5:41 AM  

That never stopped people from investing in California.

Jochum said...
10:52 AM  

To be fair, Jochum, Canada and Mexico are not nuclear states.


phoenixwoman said...
10:54 PM  

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