A Memo From the Illuminati

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TO: Goldman Sachs, Bill Gross, Warren Buffett, et al.

FROM: The Order of Rosicrucians, Pentavirate, and Illuminati

RE: Correlation Breakdown


This memo is to notify you with immediate effect that the 100% correlation across asset markets is now over. We have decided that despite the improvement in funding markets, the recovery in equities, and the decline in implied volatility that pro-risk market prices such as yen crosses should continue to be sold aggressively today. Moreover, we have decided that emerging markets will remain under sever pressure. We have therefore directed agents to weaken emerging currencies across the board, a policy which we will continue until further notice.
Finally, we have also determined with immediate effect that daily shifts at various points of the US yield curve will be determined by a random number generator. Every morning you will now receive a communication disclosing the output of the random generator.

We trust you are all keeping well and looking forward to seeing you at the annual end-of-year conference, which this year will be held at the headquarters of the Globex Corporation. This year's agenda is particularly important, as we will map out our plans for the new US Administration.


The Order of the Rosicrucians, Pentavirate, and Illuminati

Posted by Macro Man at 8:58 AM  


went long on EUR/HUF on Sunday
feels good

Anonymous said...
10:18 AM  

very amusing... by the way herr boykott ubs is starting to troll a little bit, discuss?

Anonymous said...
10:38 AM  

Good point, Anon 10.38.

Boykott UBS, das ist nicht gut! Das ist verboten!

Macro Man said...
10:41 AM  

The humor is dark humor? I can't get the rite word.



gsm_73 said...
10:50 AM  

Coincidence? I think not...
An ideal platform to carry out their nefarious ends, mwahahahaha.
Thanks for the chuckle!
Cheers, JL

Anonymous said...
11:48 AM  

Very funny, MM :-)

pej said...
11:51 AM  

The Discordian Society seconds the take, that the Order of the Illuminati have total control over the markets in question.

The Discordian Society denies any involvement.

The Discordian Society declines further comments.

Hagbart Celine said...
12:49 PM  

Yeah kind of almost makes you think something else is going on here.....

Anonymous said...
2:31 PM  

You can watch the Libor curve come back into "normalcy" from shortest durations to longer ones. First over night, one week is now back, one month is getting there...

Mike Sankowski said...
3:00 PM  

MM - Can you do some of your magic digging on gold. I think its being manipulated.

I havent refined my method in proving this, and hope that you may have some wisdom


Anonymous said...
3:32 PM  

After a full years worth of "extraordinary" (aka illegal) measures -- 375bp worth of easing, lending against fictitious collateral, suspension of accounting standards, etc ... Bernanke has now concluded that the US needs another stimulous package, paid for with money the US Treasury does not have.

Anna Schwartz was quoted saying that Bernanke is fighting the last war.

Paulson & Bernanke represent a far more clear and present danger to the United States (and the world) than does Osama Bin Laden

Anonymous said...
3:43 PM  

dear illumined ones,

thank you for your kind notice.

we shall put the global consciousness project on the daily bookmarks to watch for any meaningful deviations from randomness.


in the meantime, we shall be gleefully adding to our stacks of EM currencies.

like you, we're in it for the looonnnggg haul.

what's a lifetime between friends (or immortal enemies)?

Ragnar Danneskjöld said...
6:36 PM  

"There is a chatter of a European macro fund unwinding all type's of trades... check out the currency markets today... "

MM - thoughts?

Brian said...
8:05 PM  

Brian, could well be. There have been several announced as going bust recently, and no doubt several more on the verge....

Macro Man said...
8:20 PM  

You are distributing privileged information, which you acquired illicitly. The Opus Dei will be contacting you at their chosen time, when you will disclose your sources. Fare well, or not.

Post Scriptum: If you live, it is only because we are entertained by the reworking of Houseman that you have attempted with some success. Another posting may provide a degree of safety, for the time being. We have been taking the eur/chf down slowly and will forestall any stop inducing spikes in the pair. Again, as long as the Houseman keeps coming.

High Knight of the Rosy Cross said...
7:55 AM  

MM, you read the book 'Rule by Secrecy' by Jim Marrs?

Anonymous said...
9:52 AM  

Nope, never even heard of it!

Macro Man said...
10:23 AM  

Sifting thru poop for the pony at Seeking Alpha was getting old.

New subscriber, Mr. Pony!

Metzenbaum Scissors said...
3:33 PM  

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