Friday, September 05, 2008

Technical query

Does anyone know how to ban this cretin that is inundating the comment section with spam?


Brian said...

Easiest solution would be to ban anonymous comments, which would then allow you to easily filter any troublemakers.

cordura21 said...

I know it sucks to change provider, but is really powerful and you can import your blooger account:

Cheers, Andrés

Macro Man said...

Unfortunately, the "author" of the 60 spam comments in 3 mintues this morning had a Blogger-registered name (albeit no details)....and idea of how to ban him/her?

A few more episodes like this morning's and I might have to consider a change of scenery.

Truth or Talk said...

I enjoy your blog, Macroman -
Really only one choice. I also prefer the wordpress blog:

Go to your "settings"
Go to "comments"
Set "comment moderation" to "always"

D said...

Contact google/blogger and inform them of the violator. Internet harassment is a punishable crime and there is a digital trail of offenses.

Anonymous said...

MM, check this out:

some sort of spam blocker for blogs. the guys over at Abnormal Returns use it.