The last poem of 2007

Monday, December 31, 2007

Before filling your belly with beer,
Allow me to make this quite clear,
Oh-seven's been great
And as for oh-eight
Let me wish you a happy new year!

Posted by Macro Man at 9:34 AM  


Hello MM,

thanks for your very informative and amusing blog and wish you another sucessful year.

fxpanther said...
1:41 PM  

Gud stuff MM! Always pleasure to read your blog. PF2008!

Anonymous said...
2:03 PM  

Thanks MacroMan,

I have learned a great deal from your blog, from both your comments, and those of your highlevel readers..

Looking forward to an interesting 2008!

Linda P.

Linda P. said...
2:31 PM  


Thanks heaps for a great year. Yours is the blog I most look forward to reading each day.

I'm not as well versed as all your readers (Brad S springs to mind!), but still feel I get a huge amount out of it.

All the best to you and yours for 2008, and keep up the blogging - good quality, and genuine market actions (prior to how they then play out!) are very rare. Plus you have a humour that works for me :)


Quarrel said...
1:46 PM  

Well said MM,

And a happy new year, I hope that by now the hangover is slowly dissipating?


CV said...
7:40 PM  

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